Thursday, March 01, 2007

Potpourri - Just pictures...

Well, here's some random thoughts for a Thursday. I'm just biding my time before Grey's Anatomy comes on. Only hours...and hours to go!

  • Maya Angelou ~ I didn't give y'all a recap of Maya Angelou last week. Let me just say....AMAZING! Not only was she smart and talented and everything you'd think she was, she was absolutely hilarious! The talk was really inspiring and touching...about her life and the people who have been 'the rainbows in her clouds'. If you ever have the chance to hear her speak, I highly recommend taking advantage.
  • The LA Marathon ~ The marathon has been rerouted this year and will be coming right by my apartment. Very convenient! Maybe I'll get up early and watch the leaders pass by. Then take a nap and come out a few hours later to look for some friends who are running too.
  • Commercials ~ No, I haven't booked a commercial yet. My cousin did was a promo for the NBA All Star Game that took place a few weeks back. He's the guy waxing poetic in the's not the first spot, but the one immediately after...that starts with the sun rising. I have, however, seen the commercial for Swiffer that I auditioned for [in it, there's a young African American female dusting, and after she hangs the Swiffer in the closet, she says 'same time next week?']. Hmmm...maybe my line reading wasn't convincing enough for them. She was okay, but I mean, really...
  • Knitting Content ~ I've been lazy with the picture taking. I want to wash the Cable Wrap before I take its first offical just needs a good wash then it will be perfect. Unfortunately, it's been damn cold here in LA [yes, all of 46 degrees at night...yes, my blood is water, people!] and I don't want it take take 4 days to dry. It should be warmer this weekend, so maybe it will only take 2 days. Since I've gotten two of my projects done, I've been knitting away at Lady E. I'm 1/2 way through the 4th ball, so I may be seeing another cast off in the very near future. Maybe I'll take it with me out the watch the marathon and wave it around as the TV cameras pass by.

All right, enough fooling around at work. No time for chekcing my's to go home!