Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Poppy's SAT: Coachella

Hi again! It's me, Poppy Sassypants with another episode of Poppy's Seeds Around Town: on location at Coachella!

This weekend Christie, gf, and I headed out to the desert for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival. I just wanted to share some pictures from our experience! Christie will be back tomorrow with a Violet Beauregard update.

Palm Springs, here we come! Well, actually the concert was in Indio, CA...but when it's a 100 degrees, who's worried about being exact? Desert is desert, dirt is dirt and sweat is...well, dolls don't sweat.

A few random freeway shots of the mountains we paseed.

A cloud!

One of the Indian Casinos. I think this one is Casino Morongo.

Wind power! I love these. They look like hundreds of huge pinwheels stuck in the side of the mountain.

There's snow in them there hills!

Here I am, in the VIP area [yes, I am a VIP!]. Christie was feeling the heat on the walk in, so we sat in the shade for an hour or so while she rehydrated and pulled it together. It was over 100 degrees both Saturday and Sunday. As you can see, I was smart enough to wear a hat. Red-heads have to be careful in the sun, y'know.

I had never seen so much ass crack in my life. Go commando, but have the decency to keep your coin-slot covered up. No one needs to go there.

A pretty shot of the sky as the sun went down.

These folk are actually a part of the 'art' side of the Coachella festival. These dancer's costumes are made up of twisty balloons. Some had balloons around their waist [kinda Josephine Baker Banana Dance style] and others had huge pieces that looked like snail's shells. Very strange, but very cool. Together, they looked like sea creatures.

There were a lot of cool installation pieces. You can't see them very well, but those orange things looked like huge seed pods. Poppy seed pods! HA!

Tom Cruise, save me!!! It's War of the Worlds!!!! AUGH!!!
This is another installation piece. It was a 3 legged thing with a big head and a red eye. I pretended I was Dakota Fanning...but cuter and less annoying.

Sunday morning! Rise and shine!

While the girls ate breakfast, I lounged by the pool.

They weren't too happy when the came back and found me partying with some kids from next door. I guess 11am is too early to start the likker drinking.

But 2pm is the perfect time! Christie's best friend mixed this up. She really wanted a pina colada, but they didn't have mix. So, being a resourceful girl, she bought frozen lemonades, two shots of tequila, and a coconut [for the water, but we ate the meat inside]. She mixed it all up, squeezed in a lime and voila! It was more margarita than pina colada, but it was pretty damn tasty.

Another art installation piece. Those are light bulbs that turned colors and danced. It was very trippy...and you didn't even have to be on drugs to enjoy it. I know I stood there for at least 15 minutes just staring at the changing lights. Mesmerizing.

The highlight of the festival was the reunion of Rage Against the Machine. They were incredible! That's Tom Morello on one of the two the huge television screens that were mounted on either side of the stage. Yeah, I wish we were that close.

And Rage's lead singer, Zack de la Rocha. So freakin' cool!

All in all, it was a great time. The heat kept us from venturing out too much, which is unfortunate because there were over 100 bands that played over the 3 days. But if it comes down to heat stroke or shade, I'll pick shade every time.

Well that's it for this episode of Poppy's Seeds Around Town: on location at Coachella! Until next time, I'm Poppy Sassypants.