Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I've Got The Violet Beauregard Blues

With all the driving that we did this past weekend, I knew I'd be able to complete Violet. But alas, it was not so. I do think that I will have her done before the weekend though. As I said in a previous post, my master plan was to dye yarn for the contrasting hem. Up until the last moment, I was still having color issues.

Since I couldn't decide, so bought both green and navy RIT dye. I got home and did a few calculations, some weighing and measuring and a little voodoo. Then I asked gf. Long story short, the yellow yarn was dyed green and what would have been leftover peacock blue yarn was dyed navy. It was an experiment, and a successful one at that! The resulting colors are perfect! In hindsight, the only thing that I might have done differently was to make the contrast two shades of the same color [like the original], so maybe the sage and a darker green, rather than navy. But you have to work with what you're given right?

As of this morning, I've done 4 of the 16 hem frills. I must say, it looks very cute...and even in my bloated state it fits very nicely.! You'd agree with me if you could see the pictures that I just took in the bathroom, but I forgot my camera cord. That means I'm going to be hot shit when I'm having a skinny day again, y'heard? Trying it on also let me know that I will definitely need to sew a lining. The solid part ends at the bottom of my butt and no one needs to see that much of my upper thigh through the lace section. Cruel and unusual.