Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Walking After Midnight Doubleback

I feel as if there is some concern as to whether I'm ever going to get around to making Walking After Midnight skirt [WAM!]. I realize I seem to have gotten sidetracked with Violet and the Tea Shawl. Did I happen to mention that I've also made a few Sugar & Creme cotton dishcloths? Regardless, since I know you are all sitting by your computers waiting for a WAM! update, I figured I'd give you one.

The Crystal Palace Breeze isn't the same yardage, so I had to go up a few hook sizes. I thought I had my gauge problems solved, but it still seemed a little off. Like Violet Beauregard, I decided to make the large even though the medium sizing was perfect.

Working 6 rows of shells was slow going, but once I completed that and was about to move onto the increase rows, I decided to slip it over my head to see how it would fit.

From the above picture, it would seem like this skirt hit me perfectly to be kinda low slung cute. Hmmm...when it slipped off entirely, I thought it might be too big.

I think I can pinch much more than an inch.

So, I had to frog back and start over again. That was fine, less stitches mean faster progress. And how true that is! In one afternoon, I made it all the way to the point that I frogged back from.

I've been using my index finger a lot to crochet, so it's been getting pretty stiff. I might break up the progress of this project with a few small knitting projects. Isn't it funny that I took up crochet because my hand was hurt from knitting, and now I'll have to take up knitting because my finger hurts from crochet?