Monday, June 25, 2007

Tunic Sleeve #1

So, I'm temping this week at the Tragic Kingdom. AAAaAAaAAAAaAAaAAnd....guess what I finished during my 2 hour trek from Hollywood to Burbank this morning? YES!! Tunic's #1 sleeve! For those of you not familiar with LA, that's a 2 hour trek to take 3 buses a whooping 6 miles!!!! The length of my travel had to do more with late buses than it did with traffic, but still...6 MILES!?!?! If I wasn't trying to properly allow my hair to air dry, I would have run instead...bwah hahahahhahahahah!!! ahem.

Of course, I didn't bring anything else to work on, because I didn't think I would get it all done during the morning leg of the trip.

Speaking of temping, people...people, hear me now....if you have a desk and on that desk sits a computer and attached to that computer is a keyboard and mouse, please...take the time clean it before you go away on on vacation and hire somone else to sit there in your filth for a week while you are out and about enjoying yourself [and getting paid]. I swear to God, I am one bad experience away from being totally OCD-washing-the-hands-50-times...and the woman that I'm filling for is really pushing me over the edge. Thank God I can type by touch, because I would really be grossed out if I had to hunt and peck. I feel all creepy crawly itchy just sitting in her cube!! So, please, for the love of Pete, when you go on vacation...even for a day, please, please [with sugar and a cherry on top] clean up your desk. Clean off your phone. Clean the mouse and get the cooties out from in between your computer's keyboard. I swear to god, if I can find another one to switch one out for this week, I will. I might have to go buy a cheap one at Big Lots...that's how bad it is.

Now...Back to knitting and more pleasant thoughts...I'm going to start on Tunic sleeve #2 tonight. Just two sleeves left to do! With the temp job, it's going to cut into my daytime knitting, but I think that I can squeeze both of them out by the beginning of next week.

Time has flown and I get to wash my hands and go home! JOY!