Sunday, June 24, 2007

Endless Possibilities

As you can see, my ball from Jimmy Beans Wool came. It only took a day, probably since they're up in Washington. So excited! If I weren't tired of posting about the trials and tribulations with the Tunic and Cropped Jacket, I would say that progress on both sleeves are coming along. I'm half way done on Tunic sleeve #1 and with the arrival of said ball, Cropped Jacket sleeve #1 is complete. But I'm tired of posting about my projects, so you won't hear that update.

Instead of knitting content, I'm going to post about two of the cool things GF and I have done this week.

First off, we went to the Getty Center this week on a lunch date. The Getter Center is a beautiful museum complex. Admission is free, but parking is $8 per car. Not bad! There are multiple visiting exhibits along with the Getty's permanent exhibits...a lot of which we want to get back to check out. We also want to check out the Getty Villa in Malibu. That location looks over the ocean and was just recently restored and reopened.

The Getty is up on a hill, so from the parking area, a tram takes you to the complex itself. On the tram ride, you can see many views of the surrounding hills and the city. You can also catch a view of the dreaded 405 freeway. Sure, it looks nice and calm, but don't let these pretty picture deceive you. The 405 is the source of the most heinous Southern California traffic and an unending source of frustration known to man. If there is a television show or movie set in Los Angeles, there will most likely be a reference to being stuck on the 405.

There are multiple balconies at the museum that give you great views of the city from high above. From here we are looking south toward the airport...LAX.

Yes, that's nasty Southern California haze. Mmm-mmm...*cough cough*....mmm....

And this is overlooking the azalea garden. I have yet to see them in full bloom.

And tonight we did something super cool. For a friend's birthday was went to the movies. Not just any movie. A movie at a cemetery! The Hollywood Forever Cemetery is the final resting place of many of the elite from Hollywood's Golden Age, the most famous being Rudolph Valentino.

In this picture, you can see part of the crowd of 2,400 who came out to watch the movie and the mausoleum on which the movie will be projected.
You can bring food, drinks, chairs and out on the grass [an open grassy area, not on top of anyone's grave] and enjoy good company and a movie.

The movie tonight was 'The Haunting'. Not the greatest movie. We did have a fun time heckling it though. Next weekend is 'Roman Holiday' and weekend after that is 'Fast Times at Ridgemont High'. A very cool experience. Now I'm tired and braindead. Time for bed.