Friday, July 27, 2007

Good Intentions

I went home last night fully intending to work on the Sweet Pea shawl for a 90+ year old friend's birthday. Well I went home and lo and behold, I didn't have enough spare yarn to make it. So I made a mad dash around the apartment trying to find any yarn and/or that would work. I eventually came across some natural colored 100% cotton yarn [leftover from the Mermaid Tunic]. But by then I was disenchanted with revisiting Sweet Pea. Then I came across the RYC Classic Holiday book! I figured the I could make the Jacuzzi shawl.

I started crocheting and a nagging voice kept creeping in. 'What if she doesn't like it?' 'What if she doesn't use it?' 'What if she's like thanks for this shawl...I live in San Diego and with all these holes, this wouldn't keep my warm anyway'. I don't want to waste my crafting time making something that won't be of use!

So, I put it down. Beside the nagging voices, I had no idea what a QTR stitch was and had to look it up. Somehow, I don't think this will become a finished project.

I think I'll get her a gift certificate to Soup Plantation and spend my limited crafting time I have this weekend finishing up the Cropped Jacket and the two completed Perdita bracelets.