Monday, July 30, 2007

How I Spent My Weekend

Boy am I tired! GF and I had a action packed weekend. We fought crime, saved the city from certain peril and rescued innocent children from boredom at Grandma and Grandpa's.

Okay, so only the third thing is true. This weekend, my brother and his family at my parent's house in OC, so we decided to treat my nieces to a fun day with us [and give bro and sil a few hours break]. While the car was being loaded with little kiddie seats, I took the opportunity to ask my mom for some assistance with starting the Blue Curacao Shawl. Last month in Virginia I was having trouble getting this baby started. Then again, I couldn't remember how to SSK. Go figure. Mom was a godsend and with her assistance, I was off and running. We had a busy day, so later when the girls settled down for a nap, I worked on the shawl.

Here's where I was this morning. This is one ball's worth...and it is about 1/2 way done. I originially wanted to have it done for a cousin's wedding, but I now want it to be done by birfday! Won't this be lovely with my crown birfday shoes?

No, I won't be wearing just these two items with my birfday suit.

Speaking of birfdays, I'm concoting up an idea for a birfday gift for all of you. Yes, it's my birfday, but you might could win something. It may or may not have to do with you winning the stuff to make your very own Rebecca doll [just like Poppy!]. Details to come!

And speaking of Poppy Sassypants, she just wanted to say a few words...
Hey everyone! I just wanted to share some really happy news with you all. I have a brand new cousin! Her name is Holly McKnotty and she lives in Anna's Yarn Mansion. Yeah, pretty swanky...all I have is a shared one bedroom apartment. Anywho, she's a doll, is as cute as a button and I know y'all make her feel as welcome around the blogisphere as you have made me over the past year. I'm too excited! We I might have to do a little interview for the next episode of Poppy's Seeds Around Town! While we work out the details, won't you go on over and say hello?..Tell them Poppy sent-cha!