Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What Was That Clever Title Again?

Oh, it will come to me.

Wednesday. Payday. Not so bad. Unfortunately, the rent is due, so the payday part of it seems a little lackluster.

Here is the bright spot. I think this is the last picture I'll post of the Blue Curacao Shawl in it's work in progress state.Those pineapples are ready for pickin'! I finished up my last pineapple on the bus this morning and now all I have 3 lace rows to complete and one ball of yarn to do it in!

I really love this shawl pattern [you may see another one soon] and I love the feel of this yarn, but the's so odd. It's called Pecan and that's a perfect description of it, honestly. It's gold at times, it's green-tinged others, then it looks brown. It's gorgeous in certain light and other times sallow. It concerns me that it's the color my skin would take on if I weren't feeling very well. I guess that's why I decided to make a shawl and not a top, huh?

Oh well, sickly hues aside, I'm planning on finishing this up tonight! Off the hook and blocked! I'm so excited!