Wednesday, August 08, 2007

And The Poppy head Goes To...

Ok...everyone has been wondering who won the golf game. Sorry for making you lose sleep over it.

The answer depends on your definition of the word won. We played the first hole [without warming up]. It's a Par 4, which means the ball should be in the hole after 4 strokes.

Gf hit 10; I hit 11.

At that point, she turned to me and said, 'Do you want to play without keeping score?

I said 'Sure!'

2 hours later, we came to our final hole: #9. A Par 3. I said to her, 'It's the last hole, let's make this the best hole. Let's try really hard.' She hit 5 or 6, I hit 4 [with a little cheating on the putting part].

Sorry, but there really isn't a satisfying answer. If you want a happy ending, I'll say we both won.

As for the balls, I lost 4 [one of them in a brilliant Barry Bonds over the outfield fence and into a parking lot - I'm not joking], but found 1. Does that count as 3 or 4 lost? Well, since no one guessed 4, we'll have to go with 3.

And here are the winners of the Superstarra Birthday drawing!

Kids & Baby magazine: Kamika - Kinky Coils and String [now you can really make Poppy some friends!]
Row counting bracelet: Karma - Goodkarmago
Lariat necklace: Yaya!

and the Poppy head goes to...
Michelle -My Boring Life

So I'll be e-mailing y'all so we can get these things out to you!