Thursday, August 09, 2007

Ghosts Of The Stash

Do you have yarn that seems to haunt you? Bought it during an experimental phase or it seemed like a good deal at the time, but since then it's taken up residence in the stash reminding you of the possibilities or your limitations?

Well, I am being haunted.
I am being haunted by some balls of R2 Paper and Rag.

A year or so ago, my LYS was having a sale that I decided to check it out. There they sat, looking forlorn in the $1 bin. They wowed me with their 'thumbing our nose at the wool and cotton blend' and alternative fiber ways. I took them home, dreaming of being an indie cool crafty chick. I knit up the Rag, but it demanded frogging because it refused to be contained in my limited pattern scope. Its destiny was to be something greater than a simple wrap.

Then there's the Paper. Paper. I wanted to make something cool. Something fun. Something frivolous. Paper wanted the same things, but there never seemed to be a time and a pattern that we could agree on.

So, Paper and Rag took up residence in my stash. Taunting me. Haunting every search for a new project. Whispering behind my back about my lack of creative vision. They felt they were yarn beyond my experience...'You're an All Seasons Cotton knitter,' they laughingly said, 'A worsted weight kind of girl'.

Needless to say, my pride was hurt.

Then I saw Carrie's little crochet tunic and I was reminded of the More Than An Apron pattern. Cute. Funky. Easy. Maybe? Maybe?? 'Um ... Paper, do you want to give it a try?'
Paper was on board, but our schedules never met up. Between crocheted shawls and vacation knitting, I couldn't fit it in. So Paper sat patiently.

This morning, I was deciding whether I wanted to finish seaming or swatch for Patti. Then it entered my mind. Maybe I could give Paper a day or two of my time? So Paper hopped in my bag. We haven't gotten very far, but it looks promising. Maybe this time we can make it work.

Maybe I'm finally becoming the cool crafty chick I've always wanted to be.
Thanks, Paper.