Wednesday, August 08, 2007


So, I hung out with my sister yesterday; we met up after I escaped from the Tragic Kingdom. She had said she had gifties for me...I figured it was something fiber related; I recently mentioned that I wanted to try the Habu stainless steel, but any fiber is good fiber. I mean, what else do you get a knitter?


Our cousin is getting married in two weeks and over the past month, we have been back and forth...What to wear? It's in San Diego. What color? It's after 5pm. New shoes? Wear what you have that you haven't worn yet. Make a shawl? It is in San Diego. Accessories? That depends on dress and shoes.

I had been regularly skimming Etsy when the conversations began and found a few things I liked, but quickly realized [this was before I was temping at the Mouse House and while trying to save money for Virginia] that I should just make something...since I didn't have a very flexible income. Besides, my sister is a whiz at making jewelry and I have some interesting stuff in my crafty box.

Like I said, I found quite a lot of things that I liked, but the above necklace is one I liked so much, I took the time to e-mail a picture to her for her opinion. She asked if I was going to order it, I replied 'don't know yet. gotta stop spending $$$.'

Well imagine my surprise when she gifted it to me!!! AUGH!!! I LOVE IT! I had an immediate costume change and plan on wearing it to the wedding. But just to 'break it in' I'll probably wear it as much as possible before then.

I got matching earrings too!!! AUGH!!! ILOVEITLOVEITLOVEITLOVEITLOVEIT!!!!

The jewelry designer is TangoK, go check her out.

And speaking of Etsy and birthdays, today is the last day for my Birthday contest! I'm going to shut it down 5pm PST, so leave a comment to that post and you will be entered in the drawing for one of the 3 prizes! And don't forget to also guess how many balls I lost during our golf will be entered to win Violet, the super creepy brown and purple haired Poppy ornament. Go forth and comment...while I sit and look fabu with my new jewelry.