Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Oh impulses. I rushed home yesterday intending to start the Buttony Sweater as soon as I walked through the door. I wound up the yarn, found needles, chose buttons and casted on...then realized a few things.

1. The yarn I planned on using is a chunky 100% merino wool.
2. The sweater is knit top down, all one piece.
3. It's freakin' 100 degrees outside!

Needless to say, I put it down and backed away slowly. The impulse is still there, but I think that it can wait until it's a much cooler. Besides, I've just started Patti and although I seem to start a buncha projects at once, starting two this big feels like a huge mistake. I think a smaller, more interesting project is the ticket.

Which brings me to the replacement impulse which arrived in the mail yesterday. Did I tell you I won a contest over at Michelle's blog? Winning her birthday contest inspired me to take up socks, remember? Don't you recall when I put the call out for sock patterns? No? Well, just follow along.
Well, in my prize package was a sheep cookie cutter, pancake mold, measuring tape, a sock knitting booklet [which she generously included to help inspire me...thank you, thank you, thank you!!!] and two skeins of Wildfoote sock yarn in Ragtime. It's a variegated red yarn running the gamut from orange to deep burgundy purple. Needless to say, I decided I would start my socks instead of the Buttony Sweater.

So I'm swatching. This is the size of the swatch I normally knit. But I'm going to be a good girl again and do a more proper swatch. Probably another 1/2 inch.

I'm still deciding on a pattern, but I think that I'm leaning toward the Twisted Tweed socks, although I will start on the Spiral Boot socks if I can get gauge. I was also contemplating a pair of Jaywalkers [over 1200 knitters can't be wrong] but I'm digging the herringboney pattern on the Twisted Tweeds.

In other impulses, I want to share another little sweater that I fell in love with at first sight. Red Jacket #41 from Rebecca #33. I believe I gasped when I saw it. I'm working out if something from the stash will be suitable. And with the pretty cable work along the collar and under the bust, I might save this for the Fall Cable KAL 2007. Any takers for year #3? Jennifer and I are willing to co-host again.