Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Good Girl

As always, thanks to everyone for the compliments on the finished Cropped Jacket in Lace Pattern #37. I wore it yesterday and really enjoyed it. This job at the Tragic Kingdom is giving me a lot of opportunity to wear my handknits, so it can't be that bad, right?

With the Cropped Jacket completed, I started [guilt-free] swatching for Patti. Yes, swatching. To be honest, I usually swatch about an inch or two and if it seems right, I go for it. It's a wonder anything comes out, huh? This time, however, I'm taking time to properly swatch because I really want this project to be perfect.

The yarn is Jaeger Luxury [ooh la la, Lux-U-ry!] Tweed in the Red Ink colorway [which is burgundy and navy plied together]. As I was swatching along, I started to feel unsteady about my yarn choice. I was hoping the blue and red would mix and distract my eye into making it look more purple. But it just looked splotchy. I was getting jealous of the pretty colors of the Rowan yarn that others had used. Then I saw Firetweed"s Viking Cable Cardigan in the Jaeger. I have renewed faith in my Red Ink colorway and my stubborn refusal to pay full retail!

So I casted on the 215 stitches last night and have been plugging away on my size 2 Addis. Yeah,don't expect a fo anytime soon...especially since the yarn is a wool/alpaca blend and the temps the past few days have been in the 80's and 90's. Besides that, I'm already distracted. I just found this sweater pattern and must cast on ASAP. The pattern picture is a bit frumpy, but check out some of the finished ones on Ravelry! So cute! And I have some buttons that will be perfect!

I also have an update on More Than An Apron. The R2 Paper has been a good sport, but I think that it will be entirely too thick for what I had intended. Unless I want to look like a girl wrapped in a rag rug. Could be a good look. So I will most likely frog and Paper will once again return to the stash bin. *sigh*

Also, gf is asking me to make her a sweater. The pattern calls for Lion Wool, but I want something that won't felt if she 'accidentally' throws it in the dryer. Any suggestions?