Thursday, August 16, 2007

Distracted. So. Distracted.

Ok...I'm having some serious issues here. Yesterday, Kamika blogged about a pattern from Annie Modesitt's new book Romantic Handknits. Now I have been wanting this book since she first posted about it [and the booty enhancing cover design] back in June. So...Notorious is this free designs name. I'm in love. For the seventeenth time since I finished the Cropped Sweater.
It's only been 4 days, folks.

Now ask yourself? What did Christie do then?

1. Dismissed it, since she's already started Patti and has big sock plans.
2. Printed the pattern and queued it up in Ravelry.
3. Filed it in the back of her mind for next summer.
4. Dropped both Patti and socks for a last ditch effort at summer knitting.

If your guessed 4...

For the second night in a row, I literally dropped everything as soon as I got in the door and swatched. Swatched I did. Time and daylight hours were a-wastin'! I started out with some worsted weight GGH Samoa in purple, but I knew it was too thick and I would never wear it... besides, my yardage was short. Then my mind shot to some GGH Safari [the same yarn with which I made the Tunic with Lace pattern]. 4 balls in a drab green/putty colorway. I love the yarn and I have more than enough yardage.

The only problem is, although the Safari is listed as a worsted, it's much thinner. I'm going to make a go of it anyway, because I think it will be gorgeous in this yarn. I love this yarn! I'm taking a chance, folks.

So far, I've gone down a needle size and have omitted the center cable [because I definitely think a cable in the Safari is a bad choice]. Oh, I'm so excited! And Patti doesn't mind, she knows it's too hot to knit with alpaca and wool anyway.

And did you notice my stitch markers in the above picture? Just in time to add fuel to the fire of starting something new, these new stitch markers arrived in the mail yesterday. I bought them from Hide and Sheep on Etsy. Aren't they beeee-ooootiful? This one a Dangle-free marker with a speed loop. VRrrRRRrrooOOom! The loop is extra long, so transferring from one needle to the other is fast, fast, fast! I love it! And the dangle-free-ness keeps the marker from getting caught up in the back my work...which happens to me all the time. I love Todd and Susan. Not only do they have beautiful things, they will gladly work with you on custom orders. So easy and friendly. Go over. Buy something. Tell them Christie from Superstarra-ville sent you.