Thursday, August 02, 2007

Stick A Fork....

The Poppy-head sits in the Lap of RYC Cashsoft luxury.
Well, I finished the Blue Curacao Shawl last night. I washed it and did a very poor blocking job. I thought maybe I could take a cool picture here at work, but it's just not going to happen.

With that done, I picked up the Rebecca Cropped Jacket sleeve #2 that has been darkening my doorstep. I want it done, but I don't want to work on it. Go figure. Right now, I'm 1/2 way done with the sleeve cap and would work on it at lunch if I hadn't forgotten to pack extra yarn...bonehead! Regardless, it should be done this weekend.

You know what that means...

Say it with me...What do we cast on for next?

I, like Jody, have been feeling the Call of Fall. And with the arrival of the new IK in my mailbox, the call is even stronger! Sure it's still 80 degrees outside but I want to knit something snuggly and warm! Let's see what I might could be starting on next week...

Rowan Patti

I really love this sweater. I have the yarn, I have the motivation, I just need the weather to cool down. It's merino/alpaca, how hot can it be?

I really want to wear this as soon as it turns cooler [in December], so I could wait a few [or many] months to start this project. Or I could start now and keep it as one of those 'I need a break from lace projects' sort of thing. What if I start with the sleeves? Then move on to the collar. Then the little bitty fronts? Before I know it, it will be so cool I will be ready for the first sign of semi-cloudy 65 degree weather!

Don't be surprised if I cast on for this soon...very tonight soon.

Lady Eleanor: 2030

Gf has be wanting me to make her a sweater for the longest, and I have a pattern in mind, but no yarn. I also thought about revisiting Ariann, since I have the yarn that the style would suit her.

Then there's Lady Eleanor. She spied my scarf and wanted one of her own. I bought some Silk Garden Lite 2030 on the eBay and am looking forward to working with this colorway. It should be lovely, dontchathink?

That Which The Superstarra Never Knits

Yesterday I was blogging around and I noticed a comment in which Michelle said that it was her birthday. So, being a part of the Leo pride, I went over to her blog to wish her a happy birthday. Lo and behold, she was having a contest and guess what? I won a prize! [Whoo HOO!] Now the prize is two skeins of Wildfoote sock yarn, a cookie cutter, pancake mold [I have a star pancake mold too!] and a sheep tape measure. Now for those of you new to Superstarra-ville, I'm not really a sock knitter. I tried it once, and it wasn't so good. But, in honor of this prize and birthdays and starting something new, I'm going to give it another go. I'm going to knit a pair of socks, people. Now, I need some proper suggestions. I love Beth's Spiral Boot socks, but I think that the Wildfoote is a smaller gauge. So, I'm putting it out there, sock knitters of Superstarra-ville, what socks would you suggest? Now there are obvious choices, like Jaywalkers, which might be the pattern of choice, but I want to know what you guys have to bring to the table. And any tips are welcome, as always.

Time to go to lunch...maybe I can find a nice patch of grass on which I can lay the shawl...