Thursday, October 18, 2007


Kae tagged me, so here are some random facts about me that you never thought you wanted to know...but now that you know them, you'll wonder how you ever lived without.

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  1. My favorite color is orange because in high school I realized that no one ever claimed it as a favorite. So I would be orange's champion. To this day I still have a strong love for orange. My first car was orange. I grew up in the City of Orange. Poppy's hair is orange. Orange roses [and poppies] are my favorite flowers. I enjoy orange foods....carrots, oranges, cheese, Cheetos, orange soda, Mac and Cheese. Although not all at once. Although when I was younger, I would have orange food days.
  2. One of my favorite all time clothes item is a silver beaded dress that my mom wore to a Marine Corps Ball she attended with my father. When I found it, it was balled up in a bag in a cupboard. Although my hips are bigger than mom's [shameful on my part since she had already had 3 or 4 kids at that point] I plan on wearing it to one of the big award shows I will no doubt be invited to attend in the near future. I also plan on stealing her wedding dress and claiming that as my own too.
  3. I took my good friend's boyfriend to my junior prom.
  4. I took my brother to my senior prom.
  5. My proms were not romantic AT ALL!!!
  6. With the exception of purple, I've owned cars in every color of the rainbow.
  7. I've never written a term or high school.
  8. I plan on shameless eliciting the help of the knitting blog community to get me a part in Julia Robert's movie 'The Friday Night Knitting Club'. I've got mad knitting and acting skillz. Did I happen to mention that I have a film showing in Paris [not to mention the fact that it won awards in Tel Aviv and NY??]. Someone out there knows something!
I'm not going to tag anyone, but do leave me a comment if you play along!