Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sigh Of Relief...

Well, I heard back from the festival people and our accommodations are set for Paris. I also let my supervisor know that I would be gone for a week in a week and she was totally encouraging...but did let me know more than once that the US Dollar in Europe really sucks right now. Still, she said that I should go...which is the response that I was hoping for.

I think that it's fairly cold across the pond, so I'm kinda sad I've let Patti fall by the wayside while I've been working on gf's Habu sweater. Patti will probably be the project to come with me, but I have no expectation of finishing it while I'm gone. Although, 14 hours on a plane each way is a lot of knitting time.

Speaking of 14 hours on a plane rides, I'm really not looking forward to that wonderful jetlag experience, so starting today, I'm going to try to eliminate excess salt and sugar intake and flood my system with a lot of water. I've read that's how the celebs do it. If you have any jetlag tips, please, please...share!

Did I happen to mention that I finished the body of gf's Habu sweater and will be starting the sleeve tonight? The rounds were getting pretty fast toward the end, so I'm figuring a smaller circumference will be really, really fast. Let's hope. Birthday is a week away!