Friday, November 16, 2007

Do You Habu?

With the whirlwind of the past month, it's been a little difficult for me to get into my usual blogging/ knitting/ stalking/ commenting habits.

This week, however, I was finally able to pick up gf's Habu sweater. If you can remember, before the Paris whirlwind occurred, I had finished the body section and needed to start the sleeves. I did try to cast on during the flight to France, but in an effort to readjust my internal clock, I slept almost the entire flight. And while we were there...just didn't happen. As a sidebar, I realized when we got on the plane, that I had forgotten the Options needle tips in my knitting bag at home. If I had made significant progress and was close to finishing while we were gone, I would have found a way, but it certainly did annoy me that I had forgotten them.

So. Back to sleeve in progress. I'm working now with some dpns. Working with this light and airy mohair and dpns is kind of a pain. I'm making it work and have made quite a bit of progress. I'm still working the sleeve increases, and with a little time this weekend, this sleeve should be complete.