Monday, November 19, 2007

Like Another Hole In My Head...

I decided that I needed to start three new projects this weekend. My current works in progress aren't enough for me to deal with, so I added a few more...just to keep things interesting.

Ok, that's really not the whole story. To say thank you to our Parisian hostesses, I decided that I would knit them each a scarf. The girls have a motorcycle, so I wanted something that would be light and short and jacket tuck-able. So the first scarf I knit up was the Yummy Neckwarmer. I just so happened to have bought the yarn then found the exact pattern for that yarn on Ravelry. YEA! I'm planning on attaching the buttons a little differently than the written pattern...hopefully it will look good the way I'm imagining it.

The second scarf that I knit is the Cashmere Neckwarmer by my pal Kim. I didn't use cashmere, so the Cashmere Neckwarmer is cashmere in pattern name only. I substituted some Manos from my stash and I really like how the colors knitted up in the slip stitch pattern. Even gf thought it was very pretty. It only took 1/2 the skein, so I decided to make a second one right away rather than letting the yarn hang out. I have yet to decide if it will stay with me or be gifted to someone.

I did have a few false starts, but I was able to complete the knitting on both scarves in a few hours this weekend. Just a few finishing touches; button selection and installation; a wash and block session and they will be on their way to Paris! How lucky they are!