Sunday, January 13, 2008

Habu Snafu

So I had some serious high hopes for this weekend. Somehow it didn't turn out that way I expected.

Exhibit A: Habu sleeve #2.
My expectation was to finish off the 60+ rounds and have the entire sweater back on the needles to start the raglan decreases by tonight and have the whole thing done by week's end. 60 rounds over two problem. I didn't devote a huge amount of time to knitting this weekend, what with blowing a whole lot of cash I don't have, killing my phone, erasing my entire address book off my computer while trying to sync my new phone and being generally crabby, I didn't have a lot of time, right?

Well, I did happen to get all 60+ rounds done when I noticed something strange.

Exhibit B: Habu sleeve #1.
Nice looking sleeve, wouldn't you agree? What a nice long pretty sleeve I've made.

Exhibit C: Habu sleeve #1 next to Habu sleeve #2.
For some reason, I decided to add an extra 24 rounds to sleeve #1...right in the middle. Those 4 orange stitch markers are the extra rows I knitted. Just for the fun of it. Because nothing makes me happier than wasting yarn, knitting in sleeves in the round, and frogging mohair.


It wasn't all bad this weekend though. I mean how bad can it be when you drop your phone, break it, get upgraded to the newer model and see Orlando FREAKIN'-SO DAMN ADORABLE Bloom at the Sprint store...right after a damn good meal of Sloppy Joes? I should have got his phone would have been free mobile to mobile minutes. Not to worry. He lives in the hood somewhere. We'll meet up again, I'm sure.