Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Notebook of Doom

I'm still a little crestfallen about the Habu Sleeve Snafu. Nothing a lot of frogging couldn't fix...or make worse...

Once I frogged back 60+ rows, I did a stitch count...I was 4 short. That answers the question of why I added 4 extra repeats. The reason I was 4 short? Dropped stitches. I almost went blind trying to find them, as you can imagine. I did a quick fix and now all 62 stitches are on the needles. The gauge is a little tight where the stitches are picked up, but it's loose in other places, so I think it will work out evenly.

And now...

In my continued effort to be an organized knitter this year, I thought it would be a good idea to keep all my evil plans in one location.

So I found a cute notebook and am using it to gather all of my queued patterns. I also printed up a copy of my Ravelry queue and stash listing for quick cross-referencing.

Now if I could only get Habu off the needles so I could start something new!