Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Knitter's Existentialism

I've been seeing a lot of talk around the blog circles about folks questioning process or product knitting. For me, personally, it depends on the project. If it's something complicated like cables or lace, then it really is about the process. With a plain stockinette sweater, it's all about the finished product.

Thinking about this, I've also realized I'm also not much of a pattern modifier. I pretty much just knit the pattern straightforward as written...and I haven't run into too many problems, so if it ain't broke...you know the rest. I'm also not a designer. I can't make stuff up on the fly nor do I have the desire to create new patterns.

That may change just a little.

I was browsing through some pictures on the computer and I came across some pictures I saved a few months ago. Somehow, somewhere, I was alerted to the designs of Lily McNeal and became quite enamored with a few of the creations. Now as much as I would like to purchase one of these lovelies, $200+ is just out of my price range. Here are four of my favorites.

I decided that I had to knock one of these off.

All four designs have a common thread of the wide turtleneck/collar and a double-breasted front. The sleeve and closure varies a little, but it's pretty much the same sweater. So I searched around for some more detailed pictures. Up close, I was a little less inspired. The pictures on the Lily McNeal website were supercute, but on other website's models, they were a bit less. With the exception of the one I added on as an afterthought [but kept around because it was a variation on the theme].

I'm in love! In the detailed shots I found, I could see that it was a raglan sleeve, reverse stockinette stitch, a three button closure and had just a slight overlap in the front. Oh my gosh, knocking this off is totally doable! Of course, I would love to start this now [I think I even have stash yarn that will work], but I have to stick to my plan. I have to focus. And besides, I need to do a little more research on it before I just cast on willy-nilly. Oh I can't wait!!!

Oh, and did I forget to mention that I finished Patti's second sleeve last night? Yep. Oh the light in the end of the tunnel is closer than ever!