Friday, January 25, 2008

LA Knitting Story

So last night I had big plans to finish up front #2 of Patti. I was only about 30 rows away from the big bind off and knew just a little bit of time was all I needed. Then gf called to remind me that we had tickets to see Steve Martin talk about his new book. I wondered for a moment if anyone would be annoyed with me knitting [it was in a big theatre, who would care?] but thought better of it and left it at home. The evening was pretty enjoyable; Carol Burnett took that stage with him...I guess it was supposed to be an impromptu interview/conversation...but it seemed that he was interviewing her and he seemed a bit annoyed that she wasn't asking him any questions in return. Oh well, we had fun anyway.

When you're trying to get a picture and only have one chance, just leave the damn camera on AUTO...leave the manual settings for the professionals.

AUTO, my friend = decent pictures

So you know what I did when I got home, right? Finished off Patti's second front. I'm going to cast on for the sleeve #2 tonight and wash and block the back and fronts tomorrow! The finish line approaches!

Happy weekend everyone!