Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Project Spectrum Plans

Thanks for the many compliments on the Habu sweater. Finishing it was a definite milestone. With its completion, I can turn my attention to my other major WIP - Patti. I'm one third of the way through the second front...then just two sleeves and some serious blocking and seaming. Not a lot to do, but certainly enough to keep me busy until the beginning of February, which is also the start of Project Spectrum.

Project Spectrum Elements

This will be my first foray into Project Spectrum, so I'm pretty excited. I'm using each two-month theme to break up my queue according to the color, concept and theme. The February/March theme is fire and the colors are orange, red and pink.

A little bit of my inspiration for the next two months.

1. Wildfoote Sock yarn
2. Lace Tunic from Rebecca #27
3. GGH Safari yarn
4. Knitpicks Mainline yarn
5. GGH Samoa yarn
6. Carnival shawl from RYC Classic Holiday
7. Rowan Calmer yarn
8. Aura skullcap from Rowan Calmer Collection
9. Anouk dress from Knitty
10. Incatops alpaca yarn
11. Jaeger Luxury Tweed yarn
12. Flo from Rowan #30