Thursday, February 07, 2008

4706 - Happy New Year!

33/365: Chinatown Entrance
Happy New Year to everyone! Today marks the beginning of Year 4706! And it's the Year of the Rat! Since I was born during a Rat year, I am really looking forward to all the wonderful things this year holds. The picture above was taken at the entrance to Chinatown. There is a big parade and festival this weekend and I really want to go.

Gung Hoy Fat Choy! Chuc Mung Nam Moi [thanks for the new phrase Vy]!!! Happy New Year!!!!

In a fit of forgetfulness, I left my cupcake makings under my desk yesterday. That meant no finished crochet cute cupcakes. That meant no Valentine decorated wire tree to brighten my day at the Tragic Kingdom. It's all better now though. Here's why...

Valentine Hearts
I was writing out a card for my sick Great Aunt when I thought it would be so cute to crochet her a cute little pink heart to enclose in the card. So, I Ravelled up a crochet cute heart and within 5 minutes I was done. Then I decided to make a few more...for me. I can see how little projects like these are so addicting. Not only is the satisfaction of a FO almost immediate, there's the rush of using up all that waste bits and pieces of yarn!

Valentine Tree
An almost fully decorated Valentine Tree! Now I just have to finish the 5 crochet cute cupcakes I started and it will be 100% done. The hearts could use a good blocking, but one thing I don't have at my desk is a travel iron.

Flo Moss Stitch Band
And of course, I needed something to work on last night during Project Runway. So I grabbed a ball of red GGH Bali and started Flo. I love the look of the moss stitch edge, but it is sloooooooow going. The sweater is knit on 6's, but the instructions say to knit the moss stitch bottom edge on 5's. My knitter's intuition was going off big time. I want a loose comfy cardigan and would hate the bottom band to be too clingy. The other thing that was concerning me was the fact that the front bands were knit at the same time as the sweater body...on size 6's. Not that anyone would be able to tell the difference between the size of the stitch on the button band and the bottom edge, but it was really buggin' me. So I quieted the voice by just deciding the knit the whole thing on 6's. Of course then the knitters intuition started saying that I wasn't following the instructions and I would mess it up, but I quickly quieted those voices. Let's hope I was right!