Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stress Cupcake

11/365: Industrial Snowmen
Before Christmas, I decided to decorate my cube. I've taken everything down except for my little wire Christmas Tree. It's still winter, so snowmen are still appropriate, no? Regardless, I've been dragging my's so cute, I wish I could just leave it up. Then I thought, how fun would it be to decorate it for different seasons? Ohmygosh, that would be so cute!

So last night after voting, I planted myself in front of the TV to watch the hours and hours of election coverage. I was too stressed out/excited to seam Patti [besides I need time to do it, so it might wait until the weekend], so I grabbed some leftover Mainline from Mom's Lapshawl, a pattern and look what happened!

Crochet cupcake


Pattern: Quick Cupcake
Yarn: Knitpicks Main Line
Hook: Size F
Exposition: This pattern is so cute and really easy to follow. I lost my place a few times [when I got more interested in tv than what I was doing] but was able to frog back a few stitches and find my place.
Cupcake frosting
I can see why acrylic yarn is recommended for the crochet cutes. This yarn is cotton/wool and it did get a little wonky with the stuffing. Even more reason to get down to mom's house!

I'm not the fastest crochet-er, but in one evening I was able to make 5 cream cheese frosting tops [actually 6, but I ran out of yarn for the decorative edge], one red velvet cake bottom and one vanilla cake bottom. I'm going to finish up these 6 and hopefully get another 6 done so I can have a full dozen. MmmMMmMmMm...I love cupcakes!