Monday, February 25, 2008

As The Tears Flo'd

Thank you to everyone who offered well wishes, yarn and knits to my friend. I certainly wasn't expecting all of that when I posted. I appreciate you all!!! Friday, I bought some black Rowan Chunky Print [would a beret be a bad idea?] and this weekend I knit some leftover pink yarn into the Aura skull cap. I think it might have come out a little big but I'm hoping it might tighten up with a wash. We'll see.

Flo Sleeve
With Aura done, I decided to work on Flo rather than go blind attempting to knit the black yarn. Sleeve #1 is coming along. I'm really hoping to have this done by the weekend. I am enjoying the process of knitting Flo and the Bali yarn is really great to work with, but it's time. Time to move on. I've got that itch to start something new.

One of the two patterns left in my Fire Project Spectrum queue is Rita Mae from White Lies Designs. I bought this pattern ages ago but never found yarn that I could use...until the Unwind Superbowl Sale. I'm hopeful that I have enough yardage...I think I should be okay since I'm only planning on making the tank. I want to knit it, but am not 100% that I would wear it. The other pattern is the Beachcomber Tunic from Interweaves Crochet. I love how summery and cool and casual it is. I'm just hoping the GGH Safari I want to use for it knits/crochets up to gauge. And although I love the yarn, I'm not 100% the color is right for me [but that's also the way I felt about the other two Safari projects I've knitted and I'm actually happier with the color than I anticipated]. It's always something, huh?

Thinking about it makes me head hurt, so I think I'll just go back to working on Flo...