Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dam The Flo...or...Hello Cable, My Old Friend...

So last night, during my Guilty Pleasures TV Block [AKA America's Next Top Model and Project Runway], I finished Flo's Sleeve #1. Before casting on for sleeve #2, I decided to take a break and wind the yarn for the baby sweater. With that little task out of the way, I casted on sleeve #2. Then I thought of the miles of stockinette. I looked down at the two rows of moss stitch that I did and I felt sick. I packed the baby yarn in my knitting bag and went to bed.

I need to step away for a moment.

Today I fully intended to start [and possibly finish] the Ribbed Baby Jacket. The yarn I had in mind was Pingouin Fleur de Laine in a nice rose pinky color. 100% wool. Then I though about my friend. And I thought about the care of this 100% wool yarn. Needless to say, I nixed the pairing. So what to do? The other yarn that would be a better match is at home. As is Flo.

I'll cast on something entirely spontaneous. Enter the Drops Legwarmers With Cables. The gauge and needles were right on, and it's knit flat so I don't have to worry about not having dpns.

I casted on.

AAAAAhhhhHHHhh....Ribbing and cabling. How I've missed you. That little dingleberry hanging down there...that's supposed to be a bobble. My very first bobble.

Witness the photographic evidence of my first knitted bobble.

The tragedy.

It was a little loose and strange and I hated it immediately. Needless to say, I frogged back and decided to knit a bobbless version. I've also axed that strange garter section in the back. You can't tell from the picture on the website, but it's there in the Ravelry pictures and I don't think I'm having it. So instead I'm just going to knit ribbing.

Time to get the hell out of here for the day...thank god...tomorrow's Friday!