Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Vibing Off My Flo

The longest sweater sleeve in the history of long sweater sleeves. I finally finished up the increases and there are only 4 painful centimeters to go. I can't wait to hit the armpit cast off. Lawd, give me skrempf.

I also realized I didn't share my button find with you. I went to this mom and pop store, aptly named The Button Store, and although there were a tad overpriced, I don't mind spending a little [or a lot] more to help out the independent business owner. The man was so nice, he pulled out several different styles and was dead set of finding the button of my dreams.

Unfortunately, the button of my dreams was a clear, glass square button.
He didn't have those.

I realized, however, my dream was flawed. I checked out some other clear glass and polyester styles and those buttons stood out entirely too much. I didn't want the "HEY LOOK AT ME, I'M A SPECIAL BUTTON" for Flo. She deserves an understated closure.

Although I was initially against finding a matching red button, that's what I ended up with. It's a red clear polyester square button. I initially didn't like the black accent [edging, piping, coloring?] on it, but I realize now that it tones down the shiny, look at me quality.

I like that the square button harmonizes with the 90 degree angle created by the edging, the boxy-ness of the sweater and sets off the moss stitch.

What do you think?