Thursday, February 21, 2008

Ebb And Flo

Thank you everyone for the kind words about Patti. I'm really pleased with it and wondering how often I can wear it and not have it seem like I don't own any other sweaters.

So with Patti done, I returned to working on Flo. I left off on the armhole decrease for front #1. Over the past two days, I've completed front #1 and worked front #2 to its armhole decrease. Gf and I have plans this weekend, but I'm fairly confident I can finish most of front #2 and at least a sleeve and a half by Monday. Some yarns just love to fly off the needles. This seems to be one of them. Since I was so close to finishing the body, I thought I might give a look to Flo worthy buttons today. I didn't have anything specific in mind, so I went over to Joann's to see if I might be inspired.

Sidebar: I met this totally cute little old lady in the yarn section. I had passed her down one of the aisles and we both eventually met by the crochet hooks. She said she had found some black yarn at the Goodwill for 87 cents and was wanting to make a scarf with it, but she had given her granddaughter her larger hooks. So I helped her find a hook as we chatted. I saw a 6pc hook set for $4 and thought she should get that instead...what if her gauge was off and she wanted a smaller size? I gave her my 40% coupon and told her buy the set instead. She insisted on buying the single hook, but eventually decided on the set. One can never have too many hooks, right?

But anyway, I eventually made my way over to the button wall. The Glendale Joann's has a pretty sad selection of buttons [compared to the Santa Monica store] and although nothing wowed me, I did find a few styles that might work. I evaluated and reevaluated and finally decided on these metal toggles.

I'm not 100% convinced they are right. I nixed pearl buttons and shell buttons and even matching red buttons. I think the simplicity of this sweater calls for something with a little oomph...but subtle and not too girly. Hunkered down in the Joann's button aisle, I thought square glass buttons would be perfect. Of course, the Glendale Joann's didn't have square glass buttons. So begins the quest. What do you think? What buttons do you think would be the right fit?