Friday, February 01, 2008

Mom's Fringed Striped Lap Shawl

After I posted yesterday, I called my mom to ask if I could trade her for some of her acrylic yarn. She pretty much just told me to come over and see what she had. I was left with the impression that she was willing to part with whatever I chose and wasn't going to ask for anything in return.

So I then I become obsessed with figuring out a quick project that I could just present to her in exchange for her yarn. I had already pulled some Knitpicks Mainline from the stash in red, pink, ivory and black and thought it would make a festive striped throw blanket.

Mom's Fringed Striped Lap Shawl

Since I didn't want to have to deal with rolling edges, I decide to just do a simple garter stitch. Easy, fast and yet very pretty. Two rows of each color then switch! I'm not following a particular planned stripe, I'm just letting it do what it's going to do and I'll knit til I run out of yarn.

My last concern was all those messy ends from the color changes.

Mom's Fringed Striped Lap Shawl Fringe
I love twisted cord! I would have just let the fringe hang, but it might tempt her dog too much. I think twisting the two different colors together give it a very finished look. And it is a lot to twist, but I'm sneaking a cord here and there between scheduling meetings and coffee breaks. My hope is to get a lot of the knitting done this between blocking and assembling Patti. Whoo Hoo!