Thursday, January 31, 2008


Although the subtle call of 100% acrylic yarn was calling me, I resisted and just went straight home last night. Spending money on yarn that I would only use for two or three [or fifteen] super happy crochet cute animals [including the piggy] seemed a little bit of a waste. Besides, why spend money when mom has a ton of acrylic yarn I could filch from? Not that I would just outrightly steal her yarn...but I could trade her for something in my stash! But what? I don't think that I have a sweaters worth of anything that I could willingly part with. But what if I knit her a lap blanket...or maybe a pair of socks???

Of course the brilliant trade thought didn't come to me until after I had already started something else.

Jacuzzi Shawl?
I had originally wanted to make the Carnival Shawl with the leftover alpaca yarn from my Maggie sweater. Unfortunately, I couldn't get gauge. So, I doubled up the yarn and started the Jacuzzi Shawl instead. I would give her the completed Jacuzzi, but her sensibilities would question a pretty, yet very holey shawl.