Monday, March 17, 2008

Earth To Superstarra...

Hello, hello, hello!

Thanks for all the compliments on Flo. I'm so glad she's done! No more brainstorming on clever post titles utilizing the word Flo! Although she's not as exciting as cables or lace, I love that fact that she's definitely comfy and easy to wear. No pulling or tugging or adjusting...and she's a great alternative to a plain old sweatshirt.

So, that brings me to the obvious question. What's next? As much as I loved working on a single project [with breaks for smaller ones to break up the monotony] I think I'm going to have a few big ones on the needles all at once. I do plan on starting the Helon crochet dress...I just need to figure out the pattern. It's not making a whole hell of a lot of sense to me and an email to Rowan informed me that they don't make crochet charts. Disappointing. So I will probably start with the sleeve and see if I can make it work. And I think this will be my final Fire Project Spectrum knit.

Which brings us to the next Project Spectrum element...Earth. Green browns and metallics.

First off, I plan on starting the second of gf's Habu sweater kits.
Habu Kit #74. This sweater was my favorite of the ones she bought, and I'm kinda looking forward to making it. I'm a little afraid of the felting part of this sweater, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. Oh, did I mention there are 37 buttons on this baby? I swear, I am becoming button obsessed.

Habu Kit 74 Yarn
The blue-ish yarn is A-99 cotton and the brown is A-178 angora. All stockinette on size 10's.

Sweater number two I found on the Rowan member's website. Chrissie is cute, casual, plain, and very wearable in my opinion. I like the little pocket and button detail [Button Quest Part XXI?]. Again, that's a lot of stockinette from the hem to the yoke...on size US 3. So many reasons to say 'no...I will not knit that'. But my knitters vanity says I must.

Rowanspun Jade
And the yarn I've chosen for Chrissie is Rowanspun 4 ply in Jade. I bought this quite a while ago, and when I first saw the color, I wasn't thrilled, but it's grown on me and I think it's the perfect Chrissie color.

UGh...US 3's. Am I a glutton for punishment or what?

The last pattern I have my eye on is Oblique from Knitty. Kendyl just finished hers and it looks really I'm feeling inspired and the lacy and slants and craziness will break up the endless stockinette.
And the yarn for this pattern is the recently purchase $1 a ball Contrasto. I really like this linen/oatmeal color, but I don't really think it does much of anything for my skin tone. So this comfy slouchy cardigan that I can wear with skin tone brightening tees and tanks is the perfect choice.

Oh that's what?...4 projects on the needles at once? I haven't swatched yet, so all four may not work out. We'll see...