Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Whistle While You Work...

The quest continues to find the Superstarra 's Next Crafty Project.
Let's check out where we are in this round of auditions.

I was having some serious issues with figuring out the pattern on a small swatch size, so I decided to just start the sleeve and see how it goes.

As I worked row 2, I continually had a nagging suspicion I was doing something wrong. Well, I read and reread the instructions and realized I was reading and inferring what the instructions said to do, rather reading and then doing what was written. I have to rip back all those treble stitches, but I feel much more confident that I know what to do now. Whew. This was about to get thrown in a basket somewhere. All 14 balls of Electric Cantaloupe.

And for those of you who thought the Electric Cantaloupe [aka Tutti Frutti] colorway of the Rowan 4 ply was attractive, you can see it in almost all it glory in the above picture. Unfortunately, that picture actually doesn't do it justice. It's much more Electric. And Cantelopey.

Habu Kit 74
A lovely swatch on size 10's. What a sigh of relief! Big needles! Fast knitting!

My good judgment says that I should swatch on and then felt it so I know how the finished fabric will react. My better judgment says that the peeps at Habu know what their doing and I should just cast on and knit away blissfully and willy nilly. Throw caution to the wind!

I'm still deciding who to listen to...good or better judgment.

I swatched for Chrissie yesterday and was loving the Jade colorway all knitted up. I measured and the gauge that should have been 28st per 10cm was 24 stitches. And since I was swatching on size 3's I thought it best to just declare that the Rowanspun 4 Ply was not going to work for Chrissie. Sad but true.

But hope springs eternal in Superstarra-ville. I looked through a few things and remembered this sweater that I fell in love with...back in August. With the yarn doubled, the gauge was spot on!Pretty, pretty swatchy swatchy.

I am back and forth as to whether Oblique is the sweater for me. The jury is still out. I was considering this sweater [Ravelry link]. But how will a silk/nylon blend handle cables and lace?

Regardless, I knitted up a swatch on some size 7's. The resulting fabric measured 16 stitches over 10cm. It was pretty stiff so I did a little washy washy in the sink and put my cubicle's walls to good use. It's loosened up and has a lovely drape to it. The gauge on the 7's is a little off for the Rebecca cable sweater, so I may drop down a size or two and see what I come up with.

My only issue with this yarn is the color. Again, do I want to make a pullover sweater with a yarn that will probably wash me out and/or make me look nekkid?