Sunday, March 02, 2008

LA Marathon

Ah, today was the LA Marathon. Which means being stuck at home since we live right on the route.

Our closest mile marker was Mile 5. We guaged how close the runners were by watching the news coverage then running down just in time to see the elite men and women run by.

The elite women.

The elite men. There was a Russian man who was leading for the first half of the race, but he fell back during the second half.

These were a relay team of torch bearing police officers. They were running in honor of a SWAT officer that was recently killed on duty. The final leg was run by the slain officer's 14 year old son.

Um...why would anyone lie down in a LA street? If your not drunk or dying, there's really no reason. How dirty can you get? EW!

After the elite men and woman passed by, it was about 25 minutes before the sea of humanity marathoned by. We didn't cheer as much as we have in the past years, but it was just fun to see them go by. Great job to everyone who ran today!

Oh, and I did get another Distraction Project done this weekend. And yes, I'll get back to Flo...soon. And who out there is watching The Wire? If your not, you don't know what you're missing. If you do, how heartbroken are you that there is only one more episode?!?!? Sobbing!!! Oh, and did anyone catch Showtime at the Apollo last night? Did you catch that guy singing 'My, My, My?' Talk about peeing yourself with laughter.