Friday, March 21, 2008

A Little Bit Of Everything

This inability to decide on a pattern for the Contrasto yarn is really beginning to bring me down. I keep going back an forth.

I do love the Rebecca cabled sweater. As I was looking through the magazine again yesterday, I was bothered by how bulky around the middle the model looks in this side shot. Could just be the way the sweater is being pushed up by her leg...but it raised a few flags.

Then there's this sweater from Rebecca #30 that I've been in love with for the longest. The drape of the Contrasto would be perfect and the gauge is spot on. Then there's the Slouchy Cardigan [Rav link] from Greetings from the Knit Cafe which would be the perfect comfy sweater. Ugh. I need to stop thinking about this. I'll just give myself an aneurysm or something. Then who will knit up my stash yarn?!?!

Let's talk about something else.

An unimpressive progress shot of the Jacket #41. The color is actually more green than it appears. The sweater is knit from cuff to mid back then grafted together. Different and unique construction techniques! Whoo hoo!

And lastly...yesterday I had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of our fellow bloggers who was visiting Los Angeles! I met up with Vy at the Knit Cafe and we did a little shopping and a lot of was just too cool! She wore her Athos, which was just so lovely. Such a beautiful pattern. That Norah! Vy and I talked for a while with Sarah and Suzan [the owner of the Knit Cafe] who told us that the store is moving! SOB! I'm hoping that she'll find the perfect place [closer to me] and have lots of space for pretty yarns and stuff.

Speaking of pretty yarns and stuff...
My weakness for unique buttons continues. I saw these in a random jar at the Knit Cafe and had to have them. I think they may be the perfect buttons for the Textured Tunic with Side Buttons from Fitted Knits. I haven't put them next to the Rowan Summer Tweed, but I believe with all my heart they'll be perfect. Hmmm...maybe I'll forget the Contrasto fiasco for the moment and start this sweater instead...

I also bought a pretty glass shawl clip? Holder? Pin? Closure? Perfect for the Ram's Horn Jacket that I also plan on making. Hmm...maybe I'll start that instead. With all these options, why am I so stuck on finding a project for the Contrasto?

Close up detail of the aneurysm begging to form.