Thursday, April 17, 2008

Buttons? That Must Mean...

Cable #41 is done!

Yes...I finally finished it! Of course, you would think finishing would mean a long and lengthy Button Quest. And for once you'd be wrong. You see, the pattern calls for covered buttons and what did my loverly sister give me this past Christmas? LoRan Creative Button Buttons. A bit of leftover yarn and TA DA! Perfectly matching buttons! My yarn weaving wasn't as tight as I would have liked so add a little hot water and some friction, TA DA! Perfectly matching felted buttons! There are still a few spots where the plastic shows through, so I'm adding a little around the edges. A little more felting and I'm calling this a finished object.

And just in case you thought my fears of running out of yarn were unfounded, here is the amount I have leftover. That's a large paper clip for comparison.