Friday, June 20, 2008

Impressive. Most Impressive.

So...I went on to Ravelry today and was clicking around on some of the completed Textured Tunics with Side Buttons and I noticed a few people lamenting how many times they had to frog and reknit due to gauge issues, shaping and other factors.

I suddenly became very concerned that my kismet sweater would be anything but.

I reached for my tape measure so I could recheck my gauge and realized I didn't have it because I loaned it to gf this morning before I left for work. DAG NABIT!
Well, I just so happened to have a paper ruler at my desk, so I measured my gauge. My row gauge was good, but the stitch gauge...16 when it's suppose to be 13. OOPS!

I suddenly became even more concerned.

So I thought I would thread a lifeline and try it on. Don't knitters sing the glories of top down sweaters because they can be tried on and adjusted during the process? Unfortunately, I didn't have any waste yarn. Ugh. I did have some thick black thread, so I doubled it up and laced it through.

Quick trip to the bathroom...
Looking pretty good, no?

Then I remember that I erred on the side of caution and decided to make a 39 1/2". My bust measures 38, so I decided to go with a 'shut up kid you'll grow into it'* mentality. I thought for a moment that the armpits felt a bit tight, but a little adjusting here and there eased the issue. I may have to try this on again when I get home and reevaulate. I'm not sure if it is poor sizing, the way the sweater was sitting, my recent 5+lb weight gain or my t-shirt bulking up under the pits, but I hope it will fit better once I can try it again.

Until otherwise, kismet is in full effect. Have a great weekend everyone!

*When we were kids, my parents would often buy us clothes there were too big. Any protesting was met with the above response. Not that I plan to grow into a 39 1/2" bust, mind you. Unless the chub from the rest of my body suddenly and spontaneously decided to relocate to the boob area, that might be okay. Thighs, I'm talkin' to you.