Thursday, July 24, 2008

Return Of The Tunic

When we last left our lovely knitting actress, she was deciding whether to unearth her sewing machine or bite the bullet and hand sew the bias edging to her Galaxy Tank.

Textured Tunic front
Guess what I made some serious progress on? The Textured Tunic with Side Buttons! Yes, I was in totally avoidance mode and picked up one of my wips. When I put it down a month or so ago, I had just come to the conclusion that the front flap needed to be reknit. And in avoidance of that, I picked up Galaxy. Oh all comes full circle, right?

So anyway, I ripped and reknit and here I am at the seed stitch band. A mere 8 rows from being done with the front panel. Why, oh why isn't the seed stitch matching up? One extra stitch is throwing the whole pattern off. Where did it come from? Why is it here? Won't it just go away?

Yeah you know it. Avoidance is in full effect.