Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Membership Has Its Privileges

Last year, I decided to give up my Interweave and Vogue Knitting memberships and just subscribe to Rowan. I never really made anything out of either magazine, but always love and feel inspired by Rowan. It's close to $50 for the two magazines, but there are perks.

They sent me some stuff in the mail and inside was a flier for some bargain books.

What?!?! Older Rowan magazines for $5?!?! I placed an order immediately.

I got Rowan 33, 35 and A Yorkshire Fable [fair isle and cable goodness]. What great magazines! Oh, I'm so happy! Totally worth the $5 I paid for each one.

In sharp contrast to my magazine joy, I'm having baby sweater issues. I have the blue, red and natural yarn for baby sweater #1. My first thought was stripes. Then I was thinking argyles or fair isle but am up off by the thought of weaving in ends and ends and 4, 503 more ends. I understand with 3 colors, I'll have some ends to weave in, but I'm not wanting to overdo it. Ugh. I think I might just go back to stripes. Then we have sweater #2. I found some Rowan Cork in the stash and though it would be so cute in a funky sweater. There are two funky sweaters in Loop-d-Loop, but I'm not sure if those styles are something the mom would like. UGH!

Back to the drawing board.