Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fini! Now We Just Need The Baby.

It's done!
Finished!  Sweater with Cables #7


Pattern: Sweater with Cable Pattern #7 from Rebecca Kids and Baby #6
Yarn: GGH Samoa
Needles: Knitpicks Options size 7
Exposition: It's just too cute! And it was super fast to make! I wasn't too sure about the mock turtleneck, but there were other issues and I didn't feel like figuring out a change. Besides, it will be so cute over a collared shirt and will keep the baby's neck warm without being too bulky. Everyone wins.

The only problem that I ran into with this pattern was the cable chart. As you can see from this picture, down the center, the cable pattern alternates between a large and small cable braid. Following the chart, however, will give you a large cable braid, followed by two smaller ones. The mistake comes when you start the chart repeat. By the time I got to that point, I was familiar enough with the pattern that I was able to work it without having to refer back constantly. Of course my overconfidence caused me to make a few mistakes, but nothing too bad. I was going to knit up an example of what that chart would look like knitted up, but I found out that my sil's sister is due sooner than anticipated, so I've got to get started on her new son's sweater. I'm thinking argyles. I LOVE ARGYLES!

I didn't do a proper blocking of the individual pieces...as you can tell by how crappy the sleeve seams looks. I will give it a good wash and blocking before presenting it to the baby.

Now, on to more baby knits!