Thursday, September 25, 2008

Guess Who's Coming To Lunch?

Over and over the passed week or so, I've been hearing the same complaint.

"Y'know Christie, I think the knitting public misses me. Have they even asked were I've been?'

"Hey Christie, I have an exciting idea for a post!"

"I don't appreciate being left beside the bed for months at a time."

"Are you ignoring me?!?!?"

So I finally gave in to the begging and the pleading and asked Poppy to lunch.

She was happy to oblige, as long as I documented the whole thing for the blog. For her "public".

So I picked her up and off we went. We didn't have a set plan, Poppy was just happy to to be out and about.

She sat and chatted. And chatted and chatted. She had no opinion about where to go or what to do.

She refused to wear her seatbelt and sat on my entrelac scarf, although I specifically asked her not to.

Oh wait, she did have one idea.

"Christie, I think we need to go shoe shopping."

"Oh, there were some shoes I've head my eye on for a little while..."

"No," she said. "Shoes for me."


It took me a second to try to figure out where to buy doll sized shoes. There certainly aren't doll clothing stores in the area...then I had an idea.


And look who has new kicks.

Poppy was very pleased with the fact that it only took 2 years for her to get some shoes to wear. What can I say? I'm busy knitting stuff for me!

Now she's bugging me about socks. And a new outfit to match her shoes. It's always something with this girl.

Not that I mind. MUCH.

And just to make it seem like this post isn't all about Poppy Poppy Poppy, she insisted that I take a picture of her and the progress on the Cabled Coat.

Looking pretty good so far, don't you think?