Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I, Superstarra

So, last night gf and I went to a concert.
Guess Who
Could it be?

Tina Golden Eye
Diva extraordinaire?

Why, yes.
Yes, indeed it is.

Tina Proud Mary
68. And wearing skirts much shorter than I would wear at almost half her age. But can you blame her?
This is her doing it Slow and Easy.

Tina rocking it
And here she is doing it nice and rough.

Tina cartwheel
I love this picture. It looks like she's about to do a cartwheel. She didn't, but I'm sure she would have stuck the landing.

Tina dancing 2
Hair flipping with the best of them. Did I mention she's almost 70?

Tina dancers

And my favorite moment from the show...
Tina Hero
Oh yes she did.
She dusted off the Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome gear.

Tina man
"Well, Ain't we a pair, Raggedy Man. Goodbye Soldier."
Who needs a hero when you have that guy as a bodyguard?

Tina smiling
The finale had Tina on a cherry picker out above the crowd. It was awesome.

Tina sassy
Sassy! Can I be her when I grow up? In 30 years?

Tina dancing lift
She even did her little signature side stepping dance on the arm of the cherry picker.
Who else could work out some velvet clam diggers? Damn Tina!

Tina credits
And what concert is complete without credits?

Diva. If you get a chance, I highly recommend getting tickets and see Tina do her thing. She is amazing. AMAZING! I was literally on my feet the whole night. In LA, that's almost unheard of...but totally worth it.