Thursday, October 09, 2008

Labor Of Elephantine Love


Pattern: Offset Wraplan with elephant chart from Rowan's Zoo Vest, size 3/6 mos [gauge was off a bit so I knit a size up]
Yarn: Elle Elite DK in Natural, Denim and Forest
Needles: Knitpicks Options size 4
Exposition: I can't tell you how much I love how this turned out. I can't wait to see it on the new baby!

The Elle Elite DK is a great yarn and stood up to a lot of frogging. I wish I would have read the care label a little more carefully as it is not machine dryable. They'll just have to remember to dry it flat. If they dry it and it shrinks, I guess Poppy will have a new sweater, right?

The Full Elephant
I followed the sweater pattern as written with the exception of casting on provisionally so I wouldn't have to pick up stitches around the collar. And the only instructional problem I ran into was that the collar's raglan decreases were off a stitch or two. So I just lined them up with arm decreases. I also tightened up the elephant chart due to space issues...he's more compact than the original pattern.

Full Elephant
I really love the look of the mistake rib edging. It almost looks like grass that our elephant buddy is standing on. I still haven't blocked yet, so that's the reason the stitches are still a little wonky. Since this was a top down raglan, knitting the chart from top to bottom was a bit of a challenge, but I think I got it right [for the most part, and if I didn't would I tell you?].

As for buttons, I really had it in my mind to find some kind of thematic buttons. I wanted something circus or maybe leaf related. My search left me sadly disappointed. I did come across some leaf buttons, but they were either the wrong type leaf, the wrong color or the wrong feel. I though I would at least find a round button with a leaf motif, but no luck...and I definitely didn't find any circus related buttons. I was pretty crestfallen. So during an outing last weekend, I pretty much gave up. I bought some plain, round ivory colored buttons at Joann's. Since we were in Santa Monica, we decided to drop in to Wildfiber in a last ditch effort and...

Mouse button

We found the cutest little plastic mice buttons! At first we thought the blue was a bit too bright, but against the green, it's a little calmer [but just enough to stand out]. Aren't they the cutest thing evah? It just sends the adorability factor over the edge! I wanna weep at the cuteness!!!

So, it's finally done! I hope the challenge this sweater has been isn't a reflection on the recipient.