Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Shades Of Gray

Thank you to everyone who gave me some reassurance that my baby sweater giving ways was acceptable. I went through a little too much self-pity and self imposed guilt and a wonderful fellow knitter totally called shenanigans with a side of bull shiggity on my antics. So I sucked it up and started the new baby sweater during the debates.

I found the Super-natural Stripes pattern on Ravelry awhile back and during my pity party pattern perplexity, it was one I kept coming back to. Unfortunately, I didn't have any yarn in a worsted that I could use for a newborn boy. So off to Michaels I went. It just so happened that Wool-Ease was on sale for $2 a ball. What a bargain! I was hoping for blue or green, but the shades available weren't inspiring me. I did like these two shade of gray together...however, my first choice for the third shade, white, was out of stock. I grabbed a ball of natural and away I went.

When I finally got around to starting, I had a few issues. Like starting with the wrong color. Then failing to read the instructions [damn things trip me up every time!]. But I remembered to read ahead and it's been smooth sailing since then.

I wasn't 100% on the natural at first, but I think I like it with the gray. It's a little warmer than white would have been.
Then, as I was going to bed, I took off the shirt that I just so happened to be wearing and to my surprise...

Charcoal, gray and natural stripes. Hmmm. Strange and wonderful. And total confirmation that my choice was a good one.

This shirt also gave me a great idea about how to make it a little more personal.

I bought this shirt a few years back at the Gap. It just so happened that they had a screen printer there who would add a pattern of your choice to your shirt. So I added this swirl and star [go figure] pattern to my gray stripes.

Now, I'm thinking, and call me crazy, of adding little running stitch pattern at the bottom of the baby sweater. Crazy, I know! I just need to think of a cool design.

Any suggestions?