Friday, November 07, 2008

Thank God For The Weekend!

Thanks for all the kind words about the ED-ID Seasons of Change Scarf. I just finished watching President Elect Obama's first press conference. WOW! I especially loved him snickering when a reporter referred to President Bush as "The Decider". I wonder if he had visions of Jon Stewart doing his Bush impression. I felt so happy that I decided to change my car's antenna ball.

Okay...okay...onto other things.
So last night I went to the Madonna concert at Dodger Stadium. Not bad. I guess seeing videos of the Like A Virgin and Girlie Show Tours raised my expectations. For a woman of 50, she put my ass to shame, but I thought overall I thought it was a little uneven. Britney came out for a "duet" but from where I was sitting I couldn't tell if she was actually singing or just standing there smiling. One of the best parts of the show was Justin Timberlake and Madonna's duet of 4 Minutes. So great. I would have been dancing if it wasn't for the blister on the bottom on my foot. I also liked the times when Madonna talked to the audience. She apologized for the lights not working and got the crowd cheering when she said we have a reason to celebrate and a picture of Obama was flashed on the screen behind her. But the best moment was her telling the rich motherf'ers in the front row to sing. She's hilarious!

This weekend is looking like it's going to be jam-packed. Besides the serious cleaning, organizing and laundry to do, there's a housewarming party and gallery opening to attend and in between all that I will try to set Habu-74 seamed up. The shoulders are done, but putting the sleeves as proven difficult. There's also 37 buttons to sew on. Joy. As much as I love finding buttons, I really dislike sewing them on. But it's a necessary evil, right? Oh, and there is some family time to get in...Grandma Superstarra isn't doing very well, so I thought I would visit and cheer her up. So, just a few more hours and I'm off and running.

Have a great weekend everyone!