Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weights And Measures

I've noticed something about myself lately. Something I'm not too happy about. About 8 months ago, I decide to take a full time job that was offered to me. Of course, its cut into my audition and performing time, but in this economy I'm positive I've made the right choice to postpone my career in order to pay the bills on the regular. Well, in this job, I'm extremely sedentary. I've refused to acknowledge the fact that I recently needed to upsize my pants. And that some of my favorite clothes now are too tight and extremely unflattering. But yesterday I did it. I couldn't avoid it another day.

I hopped on the scale.

It only confirmed what I knew to be true. I'm over what is usually my maximum density. And I can't just blame it on holiday splurging. It's been a 8 month free for all. And it's just got to stop. I mean, think about all the handknits I have planned. If I knit a larger size, when I get rid of this extra baggage, how will they look? Besides, I've planned on knitting my regular size and bought yarn yardage accordingly. You all know how much of a pain it is finding extra yarn in a specific dye lot! And knitting a larger size just adds extra days of knitting!!!

So. I'm making a plan. I'm getting my ass in gear. Literally. I'm doing it for the knits.

So I was thinking that I'll finish up the Cabled Coat and postpone any other sweaters while I shake off the unwelcomed extra. If that's not motivation, I don't know what is.