Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Return Of Jacket #41

With my freshly received hank of Rowanspun in my hot little hands, I came home last night and plucked Jacket #41 from the "To Fix" pile.

First a status check. I hadn't put it on in months, so maybe the fit miraculously fixed itself.

As usual, it looked okay from the front...well, it looked okay after some pulling and tugging and adjusting and readjusting.

The truth can be seen from the side.

A totally tragic handknit.

So I got to work. I wound the new hank into a cake, removed the buttons, pulled out the bottom ribbing and detached the cabled neck band.

I knitted a few extra cm on the neckband. Easy peasy.

Then I sewed it back in place.

Once I got the neck band back in place I tried it on.

Perfect! It's amazing how much difference just adding that extra bit of length to the neckband improved the fit!

Guess they write those instructions so specifically for a reason, huh?

Next was the worst part of this whole project. Picking up 142 stitches for the bottom ribbing. I picked up almost every variation of stitches until I was finally able to get it down to 144 stitches. Good enough for me. I was able to adjust for the ribbing and am about 1/2 way through.

Should have a nice new finished object before the weekend's out!