Friday, August 28, 2009

On Fire!

As many of you know, So Cal is on fire. I think there are four fires going on right now, one or two not far from where I work.

Good times for my lungs. My nose has been running all morning and my eyelids feel like sandpaper.

These were the views of the sky on my way into the office today. Nice orange sun. I just hope Griffith Park doesn't catch fire like it did a few years ago. Would you believe there are mountains in that second picture? Yeah. That's how nasty it is. Did I mention it's going to be 100+ in the valley today? Yeaaaaah.

Anyway...with all this bad weather, there's nothing better to do that sit around in some AC and knit for cooler weather, right?

So I broke down and ordered the Phildar magazine. The chances of my finding it anywhere in LA were slim to none, so I just sucked it up and placed the order. I couldn't stand not having that cozy, bumpy wrap.

Amazingly, it only took less than a week and it was in my mailbox. VIVE LA FRANCE!

There are a few patterns in this little booklet that are pretty cute: a nice long sweater, a hat, a poncho and a crochet hat and scarf set, but you know which page I immediately turned to.

And the pattern revealed itself to me. To my shock and surprise, it's actually a tube, not a large scarf-like wrap. Hmmmm. And in another duh moment, the stitch pattern: bobbles. Yes. Big, big bobbles. I had a feeling.

So now that I have all of it's details, I must find a yarn in the stash! I have some red Cascade Eco-wool that just might do the trick. And I'm not sure I want to knit it as two seperate pieces sewn together. Wouldn't it be much cozier as a scarf like wrap? Or maybe as a capelet? Poncho-esqe wraps just tend to get in the way and don't do their job of keeping me warm. Decisions, decisions.

Lastly, an update on Flicker. I've been doing pretty well! I've started the beading, but it seems that my beads show up better on the wrong side than they do on the right side. I think it's due to my left handed-ness, so you best believe the wrong might just become the right side.

I just have two more repeats, crown decreases and seaming! And I'm all done! I will probably have a quite a bit of yarn left over so I might start in on some wrist warmers to go along with it. I'm so excited to get this one off the needles! Just in time for 100 degree weather!